Colombia Colombia Current Local Time; Date, time zone, and time difference

The current local time is BogotaColombia

2024-07-22 ,Monday
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-13 hour

Colombia Related information

Capital: Bogotá

City English Name: Bogota

Country: Colombia

Country English Name: Colombia

Province: N/A (Colombia is divided into departments, not provinces)

Province English Name: N/A

Country Area Code: +57

Longitude and Latitude: 4.6243° N, 74.0637° W

Currency: Colombian peso (COP)

Language: Spanish

IANA Time Zone: America/Bogota

Standard Time Zone: Colombia Standard Time (COT)

Daylight Saving Time: Not observed

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country located in the northwest of South America. It is bordered by Panama to the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Ecuador and Peru to the south, and Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras to the northwest, with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Colombia is a biodiverse country with many different climates and ecosystems, including rainforests, deserts, grasslands, and páramos. The country is also home to a diverse population of people, with indigenous, European, and African influences.

Colombia has a rich history dating back to the pre-Columbian era. The country was first inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years before being colonized by Spain in the early 16th century. Colombia gained independence from Spain in 1819 and has since been a republic. The country has experienced periods of political instability and violence, but has also made significant progress in recent years.

Colombia is a member of the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization of American States, and the Andean Community. The country is also a major producer of coffee, oil, and natural gas.

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