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The current local time is BrasiliaBrazil

2024-07-22 ,Monday
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Current time is higher than Beijing time

-11 hour

Brazil Related information

Capital: Brasília

City English Name: Brasilia

Country: Brazil

Country English Name: Brazil

Province: Goiás

Province English Name: Goias

Country Area Code: +55

Longitude and Latitude: -15.7922292, -47.9134091

Currency: Brazilian real (R$)

Language: Portuguese

IANA Time Zone: America/Sao_Paulo

Standard Time Zone: UTC−3

Daylight Saving Time: No


Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. It is the fifth largest country in the world by geographical area, covering 8.5 million square kilometers (3.3 million square miles). Brazil has a population of over 212 million people, making it the seventh most populous country in the world. The country borders all other South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil's coastline along the Atlantic Ocean is the longest in the Americas.

Brazil is a culturally and ethnically diverse country, with people of European, African, and Native American descent. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, and it is spoken by the majority of the population. Brazil is also home to a large number of indigenous languages.

Brazil is a federal republic, with 26 states and the Federal District. The country is governed by a president, who is both head of state and head of government. Brazil has a strong economy, and is one of the largest economies in the world. The country's economy is based on a variety of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

Brazil is a major tourist destination, and is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, including the Amazon rainforest, the Iguazu Falls, and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

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